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Youth Leadership Institute


The Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) is a youth-led leadership development program designed to empower and engage youth.

  • Highly interactive sessions

  • Meet one Friday each month

  • Goal-setting

  • Career exploration

  • Life skills

  • Civic & social engagement

  • Community service

  • Foundations of leadership & success

  • Environmental awareness

Sign up for YLI Program!!!

We are excited you are interested in participating in our Youth Leadership Institute (YLI).

1. Sign up to participate in our YLI program by downloading and completing the Youth Intake Form:

2. Email your completed Youth Intake Form to the YLI Co-Chairman at:

3. Once you submit your intake form, you will receive correspondence about our upcoming YLI events. Also, take this time to review the Youth Roles and Responsibilities.

For questions, please contact the YLI Co-Chairman at:

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